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500 m2


Villa Widiksson is situated by the sea, in Halmstad. The villa was designed in 1990 for a family of four. It is built around a series of curtains and these curtains run like a sequence of architectural events throughout the whole construction, in an axis from street to the sea. The sea makes up the natural spatial culmination of the sequence.

In order to connect the house with the sea we placed an elongated swimming pool at the main axis of the building. The pool reaches for the sea and if you prefer, it is possible to see the pool as a framed part of the sea itself or as a piece of nature lifted into the building. At the very moment you enter the house you can watch the limited surface of the water closely and see how it connects itself with the immense surface of the sea outside.

The idea with nature penetrating the architecture was inspired by an old science fiction picture by Tarkovsky, where the lawn extends itself into the living room. The villa is composed of several small parts, each one making a symmetrical unit. These units have then been put together in order to make an asymmetrical composition and in this way a dynamic and exciting dimension has been achieved.

The site is surrounded by a concrete wall. The part of the wall facing the street is a double one, filled out with soil from which vegetation climbs and hangs over the wall. The front of the villa has been clad with large, white ceramic tiles. Also the roof is tiled, white as well, as the facade. Triple glazed windows have white-lacquered aluminium profiles. The entrance door, as well as the car gate which leads to the yard, is mahogany and teak veneer.

Following an interior bridge on the upper floor you reach the master bedroom which is situated above the pool. Except for a large bathroom with a bubble bath there is also a dressing chamber in direct connection to the bedroom. This room then continues, transforming itself into a large covered terrace with a view of the infinite sand dunes and the sea.

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