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Christmasland - a winter metropolis where the culture and natural surroundings of the northernmost part of Lapland and elements of global trade and commerce meet, a place to appreciate Nordic scenery and local myths. Enhanced by elements of fantasy and of science fiction, Christmasland represents a kind of scenography that proclaims the Christmas message of love and solidarity and emphasises the beauty of the exotic Nordic winter environment.   


Santa Claus Factory is the part built first. The idea is to create a Santa Claus Metropolis by gradually adding a Christmas Fair, a Christmas Mountain, a Fantasy Forest, a Gingerbread Village where the wicked witch lives, a Christmas Village with rental cottages, a Santa Discotheque, Santa Street and Santa's Inn and the Santa Claus Museum.


Santa's Workshop has two main spaces: Mountain Hall, focusing on historical myths, inspired by fantasy, and the Future Room, focusing on the future, inspired by science fiction. Santa's Workshop is abundant with different kinds of experiences. Nordic myths and nature as found in the area serve as a source of inspiration. Approaching the Santa Claus Factory by car, or reindeer, you pass under the Future Room. Lighting is directed upwards at the shiny red surface on the Future Room's underbelly, light also emanating from Christmas trees nearby and from burning torches in the forest.


Descending deeper and deeper into the interior of the rock mass into which the cavern you are entering was blasted, you become increasingly conscious of being enclosed by rock and of a mystical mood that develops. This lower foyer leads into a number of grottos interlinked with by passageways.


Christmasland provides a three-dimensional experience of the North Pole, of Christmas and of magical mystique.

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