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Our work is done mainly in the context of the urban areas of Malmö, as an integral part of the Øresund region, which needs a re-definition of its natural and artificial landscapes, between architecture, interior space, urban zonings and infrastructure. The region can profit from architecture in a manner where the urban space will have the same priority as the building of single houses, as well as the development of settlements and urban areas.


We don’t accept any compromise when it comes to quality - that would jeopardise the building’s perfection. We don’t leave anything to chance. We care about exact choice of materials, the exact colour and finish of every surface, and exact quality; but, above all, not accepting compromise that may affect this quality – as that would affect the perfection of the building.


Architecture is an art form - an art form balancing between free-flowing emotions and rational thinking. Architecture is more than combining known techniques and traditional theories. We are searching for multi-dimensional architecture with sensory and carnal forces, reflecting the times in which we live.


Let us investigate new approaches, let us try to change the languages and tools of architectural expression. Instead of producing more and more complete systems - which result in limited and defined object-like buildings - we can create open work that is deeply integrated into the urban fabric, while simultaneously having the capacity to adapt to an ever-changing landscape and yet remaining susceptible to the new and unexpected.

Abelardo Gonzalez Arkitektbyrå is a Malmö-based multidisciplinary design office founded in 1980, by one of Sweden’s prime architects; Abelardo Gonzalez, Professor Emeritus of Architecture at Lund University.

Gonzalez’ young but experienced design team has a broad repertoire, ranging across the fields of architecture, interior design, stage design, product design, furniture design and urban planning, as well as organising exhibitions, international lecture symposiums and competitions.


All employees at AGAB are obsessed with building; A variety of design techniques are used in the conceptual design phases, all the way from physical models and sketches on paper, to the latest technologies in BIM-based computer software and 3D-rendering tools. From the first sketches to the end result, new aesthetically, ecologically and socially sustainable solutions are constantly adapted and examined.



2017 Malmö is Burning: Club Trocadero, Museum of Modern Art, Malmö, Sweden

2006 Works by Abelardo Gonzalez Arkitektbyrå, House of Architects, Form/Design Center, Malmö, Sweden

2001 På Annan Plats, Projects Never Built, Arkitekturmuséet, SAR, Stockholm, Sweden

1998 The 10-year Anniversary, Galleri Gerthel, Malmö, Sweden

1993 Selected works, Gammel Dok, Copenhagen, Denmark

1992 Nu blommar Husen, Proposal for a Museum and Multimedia Centre, Form/Design Center, Malmö, Sweden

1990 Another Future, Ecological region Nordvästmanland, Nordiska Ministerrådet, Copenhagen, Denmark

1990 Sweden is Building, Form/Design Center, Malmö, Sweden

1990 Furniture as Art, Galleri Gerthel, Malmö, Sweden

1990 Looking to the Future Architecture, Galleri Gerthel, Malmö, Sweden

1987 Imaginary House, Galleri Gerthel, Malmö, Sweden

1986 The Decorated Man, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden


2001 Arkitektur som ikon i den samtida staden, Magasin för Malmö Konsthalls Vänner, Issue Å, Malmö

1998 Architecture as Performance, exhibition catalogue, LTH-projekt, Form/Design Center, Malmö

1996 Konstruktion - dekonstruktion - rekonstruktion, exhibition catalogue, LTH-projekt, Stadsbyggnadskontoret, Malmö

1995 Konstruktion - dekonstruktion - rekonstruktion, exhibition catalogue, LTH-projekt, Form/Designcenter, Malmö

1994 Konstruktion - dekonstruktion - rekonstruktion, exhibition catalogue, LTH-projekt, Form/Designcenter, Malmö

1993 Abelardo Gonzalez Selected Works, exhibition catalogue, Gammel Dok design Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark

1990 Tankar kring det experimentella 80-talet, Unga möbelformgivare, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden

1990 Another Future, Ecological region Nordvästmanland, exhibition catalogue, Surahammar Municipality, Sweden

1983 Hotell Tunneln i Malmö, Magasin Tessin, #1, Lund, Sweden

1980 Application of Threshold Analysis of Twotown Research

1980 Tvåstad, report to the Swedish National Council of Building Research

1979 Tvåstad, report to the Swedish National Council of Building Research

1977 Environmental Evaluation Criteria for Recreation Policy, Ph.D. Thesis, Stettin Polytechnical School, Poland


2021 Winner Architectural Design - Residential, BLT Built Design Awards 2021, Villa Andersson

2021 Honourable Mention AMP Residential Architecture, Architecture Masterprize Awards 2021, Villa Andersson

2011 Finalist, invited competition, World Maritime University, Malmö Municipality, World Maritime University

2009 Winner, Halmstads Arkitekturpris, Halmstad Municipality, Villa T531

2005 Winner, Sweden's best interior 2004, Forum Designmagasin, Gamer's Paradise

2000 Nomination, Sweden's best interior 2004, Forum Designmagasin, World Hockey Bar

1994 Selected, one of 13 proposals to be built in full-scale in UmeåÓBO 94Ó Swedish National Byggexpo

1987 Scholarship, Outstanding pedagogical contributions to architectural educationSPA

1986 2nd prize, Tarkett's 50th Anniversary, Tarkett

1984 Honourable Mention, Interieur Awards, 9th International Biennale Interieur 1984, Restaurante O’ Vesuvio

1982 Winner, Architectural Review Awards, Architectural Review, Tunneln Hotel

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