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300 m2





The restaurant Grappa is located in the heart of Old Town Malmö “Lilla Torg”. The restaurant is located in the entrance level of a late 1800’s classical building, with a connection to a mid-1800’s warehouse towards the backyard of the block. The entrance level is elevated one metre above the surrounding square which generates an interesting spatial connection between the guests and people in the square.

The client wanted an Italian restaurant with a profile referencing football. The main design concept was to initiate an abstract reference to Italian football, while emphasising the spatial connection between the horizontal space and the square for blurring the division between inside and outside. The spatial sequence was emphasised by the relationship and the contrast between historical and modern, stripping the construction of the space revealing the original materials while using modern construction methods for the additional structures of the space.

The interior is divided into three main parts – the bar, the dining area and the restrooms.

Reaching the entrance of the restaurant, the visitor is confronted by a 3.5 metre high door accentuating the vertical lines as connecting the inner space to the square. The entrance area with the bar plays the main role in the restaurant. The pattern of a football pitch is reflected in the roof, culminating in a cascade of green grass running from the ceiling to the top of the red sofas. The bar is covered with stainless steel and black rubber, defining the blue horisontal line of neon light marking the service areas of the bar. The bar space is mainly lit by up-lights accentuating the vertical lines of the columns. The windows facing the square are manufactured for providing the space with an item functioning like garage ports, opening up the west façade in three sections for a complete blurring of inside and outside.

The second space is the dining area, located in a lower section within the old warehouse. The dining area offers a marvellous view through the bar towards the space of Lilla Torg. A line of red sofas to the left frames the pizza oven that is located as an object in black brick within the space. The pizza bar is located in front of the oven as a white block in marble. The old roof structure and the wooden columns are renovated and integrated within the dining space.

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