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malmö, sweden




flower shop






björn blixt

This corner space with a large opening towards the rest of the shopping centre seemed very unusual from the very beginning. But later it appeared that the space had great potential. The main idea with the silver flower shop was to achieve a contrast between silver, the metal forms, and the flowers. The space symbolises the Earth and gives you a sense of being in nature.


The shop is situated in a corner space with a long side, and a short side opening towards the main street in a shopping centre. In front of the long wall, there is a glazed refrigerator in bronze-coloured metal grille. The short wall tot the right is clad with brass plates. The floor is divided into triangular shapes by a yellow line.

The centre of the shop consists of an inclined zink table, supported by a number of black poles and joined to the ceiling with two black steps in metal grille. This shows the connection between Earth and Heaven. The zinc table appears to float like a boat. Around on black chrome iron pillars, similar to stems, the swinging plates are supported. These plates can be adjusted to the flowers’ sizes. Flowers and large vases are reflected in the brass wall.

The reception counter in brass and iron contrasts with its sharp forms to the delicate flowers. The counter is totally independent in form from other geometric patterns.


A number of blazing red neon lamps are rhythmically placed atop black pillars. These neon lamps reflect in the brass wall. There are also blue lamps hanging from the inner ceiling and spotlights to enlighten special areas and objects.

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